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Frequently Asked Questions at MODA INDUSTRIA


How will my order ship?

U.S. orders ship via UPS ground or Priority Mail/Mail. And in some cases by freight. More info on shipping here.

When will my order ship?

Custom signs and mailboxes typically take approximately 2-8 weeks depending on the items. Powder coated products typically take 2-4 weeks. Custom artwork typically takes 2-4 weeks. On each item there is an approximate production time listed. 

How do I check on my order?

Please go to:


I tried to place an order and my credit card was declined and I'm sure I have a good card.

Your shipping and credit card billing address may be different. Addresses containing PO boxes sometimes have trouble being verified by Network Solutions. If this occurs, please use Paypal to process your credit card instead.

Because everything we make is made to order and/or custom we do not offer discount coupons on anything ever.

Will I receive a design proof when I order a sign?

No. If you would like to see what a sign or mailbox will look like you must request one prior to ordering. If it is a Special Order then it'll depend on the design and order--each is different. 

Installation Instructions and Design Help go here.

Material Flatness

Many of the materials we use are not perfectly flat from the manufacturer and will not be prefectly flat after cutting and finishing. The methods used to produce stainless, steel and aluminum plate and sheet often create materials with a slight curve in it.

What are spacers?

The floating style signs come with wall spacers and come in 2 sizes; 1/2" and 1". The wall spacer is the hardware on the back of the sign that offsets it from the wall. Either 1/2" or 1" from the wall.


The screw-mount style signs and wall art come with stainless or matching powder coated screws. The screws and the holes on the signs and artwork are meant to be a very tight -fit. The screws are meant to "bite" into the metal as they are being mounted. The tight fit keeps the metal secure and lessens the amount of movement and rattling of the piece (like when a door slams, large truck driving by etc.). If you don't want the screws to be a tight fit, you can enlarge the holes with a drill.

Mailing Lists
See something you like but would like it in a different size, finish, etc. please contact us for a custom order.